Timber Garages Sussex. Mr F in Brighton was looking for a contemporary double garage 20ft x 20ft and came to Garden Retreat for a Contemporary garage to store his classic cars in and this is what we did……..


Timber Garages Sussex 4


Timber Garages Sussex

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Timber Garages Sussex 4

Our timber garages are constructed using 100mm x 38mm timber framing clad with tanalith BS8417 shiplap, bitumen paper and 4mm plywood lining.  This Contemporary garage, has minimal overhangs to the sides and front with guttering to the rear and grey or black facia capping. The overall height on this double garage is 2.5m including the single engineering brick course to sit within the planning regulations.

This timber garage comes with two sets of up and over doors and the garage also comes with guttering to the rear, either in black or brown with down pipes. In this case they have swapped one garage door for a door and window to create office space

The standard covering for the roof is a metal Rollaclad type roof.

One concern for a number of customers is the damp proofing.  When the sections are bolted through the single course of bricks into the concrete base the timber clad runs 50mm down the outside of the brick.  In addition to this the vapour barrier also runs down the same distance ensuring no rain water can get into the building.  One further measure is a DPC is attached to the bottom rail of the section which sits on the top of the brick and stops any moisture in the brick rising up into the timbers.

If you are interested in this design or would like something similar please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation?



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Mr F – Brighton, West Sussex.