Garden Retreat Planning and Control Services
  • General planning advice
  • Elevation drawings for planning
  • Flood risk reports for planning
  • Building regulation support

With a majority of our buildings you will not require planning permission.  If however your required design or location does need you to gain permission we can support with a number of services.

General Planning Advice

We are happy to discuss with you your design, any planning implications you need to be aware of and support with some of the services listed below.

Elevation Drawings For Planning

If you new timber building requires planning permission we would be happy to support and guide you through the process.  Once your design has been agreed we can provide you with elevation drawings to use as part of the planning process.

We do however charge a nominal fee of £150.00, once you have successfully received your permission we will deduct this fee from the overall price of your building.

Flood Risk Reports For Planning

On occasion you may be required to provide a ‘Flood Risk Report’ during the planning process especially if it is deemed to be ‘at risk’ which would be requested by your local planning authority.

Building Regulation Support

This normally relates to buildings of a commercial nature. We can provide all the necessary calculations including line loads, wind loads and roof loads.  In addition to this some buildings may require external fire proofing in some circumstances which we can advise on.

For further support and information we recommend viewing the Planning Portal below: