Ground Screw Base Laying and Installation Services
  • Concrete Bases
  • Timber Frame Bases
  • Patio Bases
  • Existing Bases

For most buildings you will need to organise a base.  In some certain circumstances you can use an existing base but it needs to be flat and level.  Unfortunately, you do not always know the history of the base, how it was constructed and what is beneath it.

To ensure peace of mind we do suggest a new purpose built base, if you are in any doubt please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have the following suggestions for your base construction

Concrete Base

This is the most common base and probably the most cost effective.  We recommend 150mm of compacted hard core, 100mm of concrete and depending on the size there may be a requirement for either steel reinforcement or expansion joints to stop cracking. Garden Retreat can supply this as a service, please contact us for a quotation.  If however you want to use a local builder, that is fine.  At the point of order we will supply you with a base layout and base specifiation which your builder can use to construct your base.

Timber Frame Base

The timber frame base is an alternative to the concrete base.  We recommend this alternative if there is limited access to the rear of the garden, the base needs to span different levels or you just may not want to have a large slab of concrete in your garden. Please click here for more information on ‘Timber Frames Bases’

Patio Bases

If you are going to create a patio base just for the building it is quite often better to opt for the Concrete option. Firstly you will not see it and secondly you will still have to ensure the sub structure under the patio is designed such that it will take the weight of the building without sinking or moving.

If you are going to have a large patio we recommend the actual base is the same size as the building so any rain that hits the side of the building drains into the surrounding ground. It may be more cost effective to prepare a concrete base for the building and either slab or deck around and up to the base.

Existing Base

You may have an existing base that can be used although there are a number of considerations to be taken into account.

  • Is the existing base flat and level?
  • Is there any evidence of subsidence, cracking or damage?
  • Is the base at a height that would effect ending up with a building that needs to be a maximum height of 2.5m to satisfy planning rules?
  • Is the base large enough to accept the new building?
  • Has the base already had a building on it, if so if it shows signs of damage it may have to be replaced?

If you need any advice on the type of base you require please do not hesitate to contact our experienced staff for further information