The Winchester Timber Framed Club Houses
  • Tanalised 16mm Nom x 125mm cladding – No Maintenance required
  • Selection of other cladding, feather edge or cedar available
  • 3-layer wall system with built in vapour barrier onto 100mm x 40mm framing
  • 1 – Set of double glazed double door
  • 4 – 1015mm x 915mm uPVC casement windows
  • Selection of various roof options available.
  • Black or brown guttering supplied and installed as standard
  • Vents in gable ends for ventilation
  • We have fully trained staff to install your timber framed garage
  • 300mm Overhangs all round

The Winchester Timber Framed Retail and Business Units start at 30′ (9.15m) wide and go up to 50′ (15.2m) wide with a maximum depth of 23′ (7.0m) deep, They feature one set of uPVC double doors and four uPVC double casement windows in a range of colours, heavy duty green mineral felt roof and guttering. Personnel doors, additional windows and partitions are available, along with different roof coverings. Please see ‘Available Optional Extras’ below.

In general terms, the design of the buildings are governed by the size of the roof trusses. We are able to supply & fit buildings up to 7m deep quite comfortably as these trusses fit inside our 7.5 tonnes curtain side lorries. Based on these trusses, we can accommodate buildings up to 7m. (Please contact us if you need a wider version as we will need to include partitions)

We have erected larger buildings, the largest having 10m trusses, however, these buildings require posts to support the trusses

Prices for these buildings are on application and subject to the specifications that you require. We can give you a guide if you indicate one that you have seen in the gallery or have an Architects elevation drawing.

The structure of the building is based on 100mm x 38mm Planed (Eased Edged) framing which provides a significant level of strength and rigidity.

We use selected timber with a very high grade, which is subject to less twisting and warping, to provide a sound base to start from. Higher grade timber is slower grown to provide more strength.

FSC Timber

FSC is from certified Forest Stewardship Council forests, meaning that the timber is sustainable (usually from Scandinavian Forests).

Tanalised Shiplap Cladding (125mm x 16mm Nom)

The majority of our retail units are constructed with ship-lap cladding. The cladding itself appears similar to tongue and groove, except the internal part of the groove is missing from the profile. The basis behind shiplap is it allows a certain amount of natural movement to take place throughout the change in seasons. In addition to this, we have developed our own profile of shiplap with a large overlap and tongue, which offers more protection to the building, thus increasing the lifespan. The cladding itself is tanalised (E-tanalith) to provide a rot resistant finish for over 25 years.

One advantage of shiplap is that it has a planed finish, and it also provides a near flat finish. This helps when fitting items such as hinges and door furniture.

By tanalising the timber with E-Tanalith, we are protecting against rot & decay for 25+ years.

Plywood & Paper Lining

We paper line the buildings with bitumen vapour barrier, to ensure the rainwater does soak into the building, however we found the paper crinkles during the summer once it is dry. We therefore provide an additional 4mm skin of plywood to line the outside of the framing which hides the vapor barrier and improves the overall internal appearance, the ply also provides additional rigidity and insulation, which is ideal for classic cars & bikes.


Should you wish to have additional windows you can choose any of the designs and sizes from the Winchester Range

We can provide other window sizes if required, please contact us for further details


Should you wish to have additional doors you can choose any of the designs and sizes from the Winchester Range

We can provide other door sizes if required, please contact us for further details

Bolted to Base

The customer or is required to construct a concrete base (or this can be provided by Garden Retreat) of 150mm compacted hardcore, and 100mm concrete. If laying a new base, we would recommend that a DPM (damp proof membrane) is laid between the two. If you have an existing base, it is not necessary to dig up and lay a membrane. Once the concrete is set, a single layer of slotted semi-engineering bricks are required around the perimeter (set to a plan provided by Garden Retreat). We recommend the concrete is larger all round (by 50mm) than the plan indicating the brick course.  This stops the concrete breaking out when the garage is bolted through the engineering brick course and then into the concrete base.

The sections of the garage sit on top of the brick course and are complete with a damp proof course. Our fitters will drill through the bottom rail of the building and into the concrete and fix the building in place.

If you require a quotation on the base or further information and advice please do not hesitate to contact us.

The standard roofing is a heavy duty 38kg Green Mineral Felt onto 12mm moisture resistant O.S.B. Boarding. The boarding is fitted onto 50mm x 125mm joists (purlins), spaced at 2′ centres. We can provide alternative roof coverings (please see options below). Should you require Onduline roof sheets – please note, we recommend sterling board underneath, because without the boarding it is liable to condensate during the winter.

Should you wish to upgrade the roofing for cosmetic reasons or to increase the time between maintenance, we offer the following options.

Coloured Polyester Felt – This is available in the same colours as our Felt Tiles (Brown & Grey) and has a life expectancy of about 15 years. Please note this is only available on buildings up to 7m in length.

Metal Profile Roofing. – This has a metal profile roof in black or anthracite grey and comes with a water proof under felt.

Black Onduline Roofing. – This has a corrugated profile and is compressed felt & bitumen, giving a life expectancy of 15 years. The standard colour is black, although other colours are available. Onduline has the benefit of offering a clear roof sheet to allow light, however we recommend sterling board is fitted on the roof before the Onduline to prevent condensation.

Felt Tile Roof. – These are sheets of felt that have a profile of 4 individual tiles within the sheet. They overlap each other and are staggered to provide a tiled effect roof. In addition to the tiles, underlay felt is laid over the boarding beforehand to provide a secondary skin. Angled tin and additional felt strips are fitted to the gables to prevent water ingress, thus providing a life expectancy of over 15 years.

Cedar tiles – These make a beautiful addition to any of our buildings, long lasting and they are set out on battening with under felt

Tapco Slate tiles. – These tiles have a life expectancy of 50 years and look fantastic as a lightweight replacement slate tile, follow the link to find out more about ‘Tapco Slate’

Tiled Roof Option. – Should you require a tiled roof for planning reasons, we would be able to provide and fit the roof trusses (at 600mm centres) with a 30 degree pitch. We clad the gable ends for you, and fit the trusses in place, however a local tiler will need to batten & tile the roof, plus fit the soffits & guttering.

For further details & prices, please contact us

Not only do overhangs improve the appearance of the garages, they are important as they offer protection to the sides of the buildings. We include guttering as standard in either brown or black to allow rainwater to be easily collected and re-used, along with the obvious protective benefits.

Electrics can be provided by Garden Retreat, if you require a quote please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • External Clad –  16mm Nom x 125mm tanalised shiplap cladding requiring no maintenance for 25 years.
  • 3 Layer triple lined external wall – Shiplap cladding plus vapour barrier, splash back DPM skirt, 4mm plywood lining all double nailed onto 100mm x 38mm timber framing.
  • Vapour Barrier – The built-in vapour barrier is an essential element of the structure to keep the damp out of the building.
  • 100mm 38mm Framing – Scandinavian Redwood, slow grown which provides a closer grain to provide structural strength and rigidity.
  • Pitched Roof at 20 Degrees – The pitched roof offers more headroom with the vaulted ceiling design.
  • Vents in gable End – Ventilation is essential to enable the garage structure to breath naturally.
  • Standard – uPVC Double Doors & 4 Windows – In a range of colours
  • Standard Roofing – for heavy duty use, 125mm timber purlins with 12mm OSB3 boarding followed by heavy duty 38kg green mineral felt roof.
  • Bolted Down – The garage is bolted through the bottom rail, passes through the hole in the semi engineering brick into the concrete.  This is repeated a number of times around the bottom rail to ensure the structure is secure and rigid.
  • FSC Sustainable timber – All timber is from Scandinavian certified and sustainable forests.
  • Standard Overhangs – 300mm to the front and sides, 150mm to the rear when the doors are in the gable ends. 300mm to the front and back, 150mm to the gable ends when the garage doors are under the eaves.  The guttering would be in addition to this.  Overhangs can be adjusted if required, for example space restrictions.
  • Ground Work – There are a range of options, Concrete base or existing hard standing.  For more information please click here or contact us for advice.
Feather edge cladding NO YES
Cedar Cladding NO YES
uPVC D/G Casement Window, side opening (610mm wide x 915mm high) NO YES
uPVC D/G Double Casement Window, both opening (610mm wide x 915mm high) NO YES
uPVC D/G Traditional Window, both opening (915mm wide x 1050mm high) NO YES
uPVC D/G Picture Window, top opening (900mm wide x 900mm high) NO YES
uPVC D/G Small Garage Window, side opening (985mm wide x 670mm high) NO YES
uPVC D/G Large Garage Window, top vent (1200mm wide x 900mm high) NO YES
Standard personnel timber door NO YES
uPVC Standard personnel door NO YES
uPVC Standard half glazed personnel door NO YES
uPVC Standard half glazed traditional door NO YES
There is an option of either black, brass, anthracite grey or chrome window and door furniture YES NO
Triple glazed up-grade NO YES
Metal profile roof NO YES
Slate grey felt tiles NO YES
Red / Brown felt tiles NO YES
Cedar Shingles NO YES
Tapco Slate NO YES
Lined overhangs NO YES
Internal partitions NO YES
False Gable NO YES
Black or brown guttering / down pipes YES NO
70mm Celotex Insulation to Roof – lined with 9mm birch ply NO YES
70mm Celotex Insulation to Walls – lined with 12mm T & G Lining boards NO YES
70mm Celotex insulation to Floor – with 15mm plywood & 75mm tanalised joists NO YES

Garden Retreat can provide either Hire Purchase or Finance lease options and there is also a large amount of other funding resources available.

If you require planning information we are happy to advise and support, please click here for further information.

Prices & Sizes

Sorry, our prices are currently being updated. For Prices & Sizes please e-mail us on or call us on 01202 355346

All our buildings included delivery and installation although please contact us for delivery prices if you are located in Cornwall or Scotland.

All our buildings are installed buy our fully trained crews who have many years of experience.

Our installation crews will require clear access free from obstacles, trees, vegetation, overhead cables from the delivery vehicle to the site where the building will be erected.

They will also require 400mm clearance around the building to allow your building to be erected safely with clearance suitable for ladders and steps. If there is less than 400mm please contact us to discuss the options.

Sections can be as large as 3.0m x 2.4m hence we will need to know of any obstacles, bends or height restrictions before manufacture takes place.

Delivery & installation takes place on the same day via a 7.5 tonnes lorry – 28 feet long x 8ft wide.

A majority of buildings are installed within a single day, however larger garden offices, triple garages and commercial units will require more days on site. We will indicate the estimated assembly time at the time of order.

We will require a postcode for the site address and sufficient parking on the day of delivery to allow the installation crew to park as close to the site as possible.

Should your site be further than 30m from the parking location, please contact us prior to manufacture to ensure that we can deliver and install safely.

Please note that on some occasions we can take sections of buildings through the house but there is a surcharge to do so as the sections need to be made smaller and we require more staff on site to carry the sections through the house.

If you have any questions or queries concerning delivery and installation please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • “Awaiting Testimonial.”  Verified Review By Houzz

    Charlton Kings Cricket Club Pavilion, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

    Charlton Kings Cricket Club Pavilion, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
  • “Awaiting Testimonial” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr S – Western-super-Mare, Somerset, 12.2m Wide x 7.0m Deep Timber Framed Garage with Golden Oak Sectional Doors
  • “Really happy with this building, it was delivered and installed in 8 weeks and Garden Retreat did a great job, no fuss, they just got on with it, very happy 🙂” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr & Mrs S – Blandford Forum, Dorset – Lyndhurst 4.2m x 2.6m Composite Clad Garden Office with Anthracite Grey Double Glazed Doors & Windows
    Bournemouth, Dorset
  • We have found the Garden Retreat team easy to work with – they are clear as to what will be provided in their building and their team members are friendly and hard working.

    We changed the design during the process, and they discussed the details and continued to adjust their quote, to ensure that the correct specification was being provided for the building’s needs.

    The final product – a meeting room in a community garden – was delivered, and we are pleased with the result. The quality of finish is high, and all of the work was completed to a very good standard.” Verified Review By Houzz


    Calthorpe Community Gardens – Grays Inn Road, London 10.0m x 4.2m Commercial Garden Office
  • “We chose Garden Retreat to install a stand-alone custom garage build in the summer of 2020. Having researched various local options we decided to use James and his team because of the customisable choices with the size of the building, and the different finishes available. We chose the cedar door and roof options with a feathered-edge cladding and the end result is great. From the start of the project right through to the end there was no delay in communications and answers to the many questions we had were answered promptly. The building itself went up very quickly and we are pleased with the quality and sturdiness of the garage. Thanks again and we have already recommended the team to friends and family.” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr & Mrs D – West Moors, Dorset, 3.2m Wide x 7.0m Deep Single Timber Garage
  • ‘”With limited space available, Jim and his team from Garden Retreat helped me through the design phase which enabled me to end up with the garden room/office that I was looking for. The quality of build is excellent and I would not hesitate in recommending Garden Retreat for your project.

    PS I have bought shelving, a large desk and a work bench with tool racking so a real man cave. Yet to all be installed but by the time you come next it will be and happy if you wanted to take some more shots. 

    So as an office, work area overlooking garden it’s spot on!'”Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr & Mrs O – Easton, Bristol – 5.6m X 2.4m Cedar Clad Garden Office With Anthracite Grey Double Glazed Sliding Doors & Windows
  • ‘With limited space available, Jim and his team from Garden Retreat helped me through the design phase which enabled me to end up with the garden room/office that I was looking for. The quality of build is excellent and I would not hesitate in recommending Garden Retreat for your project.

    PS I have bought shelving, a large desk and a work bench with tool racking so a real man cave. Yet to all be installed but by the time you come next it will be and happy if you wanted to take some more shots. 

    So as an office, work area overlooking garden it’s spot on!’ Verified Review By Houzz


    Mr M – Poole, Dorset – 3.6m x 2.4m Cedar Clad Garden Office with Anthracite Grey Double Glazed Doors & Windows
  • ‘I was impressed by the team who built it in two days during some very nasty weather. It is an excellent office and has been much admired, thank you Garden Retreat’ Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr & Mrs P – Wincanton, Somerset, 3.8m x 4.3m x 2.5m High, Cedar Clad Curved Roof Garden Office with Anthracite uPVC Windows and Doors
  • “We have been really impressed with Garden Retreat.  They have supported us throughout the project and even though there were delays which were outside our control they went over and beyond to get the cabin built.

    The installation staff were polite and they kept the area tidy as they worked, a great experience!” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr & Mrs E – Dorchester, Dorset – 5.2m x 3.4m – 44mm log Open Plan Barbados Log Cabin – 2.5m Maximum Height
  • “Grannies Grotto! This has been a fantastic solution to a space problem and my Grand Children love to stay in it when they come to visit.  It is safe and warm all year round and allows me to have all my family to stay whenever they like”.

    “Garden Retreat have kept me informed at every stage and the installation team were very efficient and polite, thank you very much!” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mrs K – Sturminster Marshall, Dorset – 12ft x 8ft Traditional – 2.5m High Garden Office or Garden Room
  • “Thank you so much for everything, especially your expertise & thoughtfulness, a pleasure doing business with you and we have no problem recommending your work 100%” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr & Mrs W– Portland Bill, Dorset – 14ft x 11ft Customised Beach Hut
  • “We were very pleased with Garden Retreat, right through from the initial design to installation.  It was not easy for the installation team to complete the job from an access point of view but nothing was a problem, they just got on with the job.  I would recommend this company; they were excellent, polite and efficient in all aspects, thank you!” Verified Review By Houzz

    Ms S– London SW6 – 2.6m x 4.8m Contemporary Garden Office – 2.5m Maximum Height
  • “Being a thorough sort of person I researched a number of options for my 20ft x 12ft timber garage and went into great detail, creating spreadsheets and detailing the pros and cons.

    I knew I wanted a quality product and I wanted to have tanalised timber which narrowed the field too.  I was also concerned about the point at which any wood might be sitting in water on the base.

    Garden Retreat ticked all the boxes, the garage sits on 1 course of bricks and the cladding stops short of the base, so even if water does stand on the base it won’t make contact with the wood.  Additionally, Garden Retreat ply line their garage for extra strength and security.  In the end, the choice was easy, only Garden Retreat met all my criteria and they were a pleasure to deal with from pre-order to delivery. The erection was on time, quick and fuss-free and the finished product looks fantastic. Highly recommended supplier!” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr M – Chesterton, Oxfordshire – 12ft x 20ft Single Timber Feather Edge Garage
  • “Hi Jim,

    Everything is great with the summerhouse! I think it’s virtually bomb proof!!…….. Very happy.

    Of course I can do a positive testimonial from me no problem at all.

    And if it helps you can show our building to someone else if they want to see it. Just give me a call…….

    All the best!”


    Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr & Mrs S, Christchurch, Dorset, 3.0m x 4.0m Contemporary Garden Room
  • “A great experience. Jim was informative throughout the process, answering all our awkward questions with real knowledge and insight. The final building exceeds our expectations. Brilliant!”. Verified Review By Houzz

    Ms R – Crystal Palace, London, 4.0m x 2.8m Contemporary Garden Office with Grey Anthracite uPVC Doors and Windows
  • “We have been very happy throughout the process from design to installation with Garden Retreat.  We were not the easiest of Customers, we wanted a very specific look and detail is important to us.

    James spent a lot of time working with us to ensure all the elements were designed into the building and had a large number of examples of previous projects which demonstrated their ability to provide us with the garden office and store we wanted.

    Finally they worked very well with our garden designers, the installers were polite and cleared up after the timber building had been installed.

    We would be happy to recommend Garden Retreat to any of our friends and would like to thank them for all their efforts.” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr & Mrs S – Bourne End, Bucks, 5.5m x 3.0m Garden Office and Store
  • “The team who assembled the unit were friendly- efficient and professional. Any questions were answered and nothing was too much trouble. Great value and these guys would come very highly recommended!” Verified Review By Houzz

    Hampton Farm Shop, Evesham, Hampton, Worcester – 26m x 6.1m – Farm Shop
  • “We were very pleased with the studio that James designed for us. He accommodated all our requirements and created a very well designed building. The construction was completed on time and to plan. I would be very happy to recommend Garden Retreat.” Verified Review By Houzz

    Ms E – Downton, Salisbury, 8m x 5m Cedral Clad Garden Leisure Room With W.C. and Kitchen / Utility Room.
  • “We are so happy with the quality of the building, the doors and windows are of the highest quality, Garden Retreat have provided an excellent product, we could not be any more happy and cant wait to move in”. Verified Review By Houzz

    Cropredy Marina, Cropredy, Banbury, Oxfordshire,13m x 8m Pavilion Marina Sales Office
  • “James was very helpful and proactive during the design phase and suggested lots of options when we were designing the office. After the installation he was keen to check everything was in order. He was rapid and timely sorting out the minor niggles that occur on any project and made sure that we were completely happy with our office after installation. He was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend his expertise and proactive approach.”. Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr & Mrs S – Downton, Salisbury, Wiltshire, 4.4m x 4.0m x 2.5m High Contemporary Garden Office with Grey Anthracite uPVC Doors and Windows
  • “We sought a non standard design and build to our outline spec for a 10m x 6m garage to be used for classic car storage. We awarded the contract to Garden Retreat in part because of the advice on materials and construction offered by their James Parker. From design through planning approval to construction took 3 months. Erection of the sectional garage took 3 hours (excluding tiling). Brilliant to watch. Price quoted was the price paid. No hidden extras. Well worth taking the elevation drawings to aid planning. Very satisfied with the finished product. Thank you.” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr S – Devon, 10.0m x 6.1m Triple Timber Garage with a 4.2m Aluminium Insulated Roller Garage Door in Golden Oak and a Metro Tile Roof
  • “James at Garden Retreat was a true professional and understood straight from the start what we wanted to achieve in building a garden room containing a home gym. His knowledge and experience helped enormously. The room was built on a hill with difficult access but that was not a problem for Garden Retreat. We are so pleased with the end result and it is in keeping with the rest of the house. I would highly recommend James at Garden Retreat” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr & Mrs W – Studland, Dorset, 6.0m x 4.0m Contemporary Garden Gym with 3.0m Anthracite Grey uPVC Patio Doors
  • “I contacted Garden Retreat because they were Dorset-based, the right sort of price range and I was looking for  a company who provided individually designed buildings rather than an inflexible standard package.  From the beginning the service was personal, engaged and professional. It was a long journey from design through planning permission and a large amount of ground work to be done before the base could be laid and throughout James Parker remained helpful and available, if needed, with experienced advice. An unexpected but necessary alteration the week before the building was due to arrive was imaginatively  and speedily resolved. The build itself took just two days and I was delighted by the finish inside and the quality of the work. I’m really, really pleased, and the studio is a lovely place to work.” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mrs D – Whitchurch Canonicorum, Nr Bridport, Dorset, 7.5m x 4.5m Cedar Clad Garden Studio with Cedar Shingles
  • “We were really worried with this project as it was important with a limited budget and the need to provide an annex for my disabled mother we really needed to ensure we chose the right company.

    We are so happy with the service we received from Garden Retreat, they did a fantastic job and my mother has a fantastic annex, thank you so much!” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr & Mrs C – Totnes, Devon, 9.0m x 4.2m Kensington Garden Room with Rationel White uPVC Windows and Doors and Marley Weather Board in Green
  • “James and the team at Garden Retreat have been great – I was not certain what I wanted and when I thought I did I then changed my mind (on several occasions). They fulfilled all promises, were flexible and provided a very good quality product at a price which could not be matched.

    I now have an attractive garden building which for me will provide office and storage space.

    I am happy , very happy and so are my neighbours!” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr P – Earlsfield, London, 3.8m x 2.4m x 2.5m High, Cedar Clad Contemporary Garden Office with Black uPVC Windows and Doors
  • “I contacted Garden Retreat as I wanted to have my own beauty salon at home. Being clear about what I wanted Garden Retreat were able to satisfy all my needs including budget and design They also came up with some further ideas enabling me to maximise the space and end up with a fabulous contemporary salon which is a great place to work, not only for myself but also a relaxing environment for my clients. I would highly recommend Garden Retreat’s service.” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mrs L – Lymington, Hampshire, 6.2m x 3.6m x 2.5m High, Contemporary Garden Beauty Saloon with Anthracite uPVC Windows and Doors
  • “We are extremely pleased with our new garage and would thoroughly recommend Garden Retreat, great quality and a great service!” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr B – Staines-Upon-Thames, Middlesex, 19ft wide x 18ft Deep Double Timber Garage with Cedar Shingles and Cedar Up and Over Doors
  • “So pleased with the garage, great product, there were a few issues but Garden Retreat soon resolved them” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr S – West Monkton, Somerset, 20ft x 40ft Quadruple Timber Garage with Three Bay Garage and Built-in Garden Office
  • “Garden Retreat installed a home office for us (including laying of the concrete base). The project was undertaken at the agreed time and there were no hidden or additional costs.

    We are very happy with the end result; an excellent office space that is comfortable to work in and looks good.

    Garden Retreat were highly professional and helpful. A pleasure to deal with.”  Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr & Mrs P – South Wonston, Hampshire, 3.6m x 3.7m x 2.5m High, Cedar Clad Curved Roof Garden Office with Anthracite uPVC Windows and Doors
  • “Absolutely fantastic, a very strong structure and extremely well built. James at Garden Retreat provided excellent service, I would have no hesitation in recommending the Company and their products” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr M – Wooton, Bedfordshire – 20ft x 20ft Timber Frame Garage with Barn Doors
  • “We not only required a contemporary garden building to replace our old summerhouse but also wanted it to look attractive, be protected from the elements and use it as a functional utility room.  Garden Retreat provided all of the above and more.  Very happy with their work, the quality and it was within our budget. ” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr & Mrs W – Charmouth, Dorset – Cedar Clad Utility Room
  • “This project worked out superbly and Garden Retreat were great providing us with a high quality structure which will stand the test of time for the Crowle community”. Verified Review By Houzz

    The Community Farm Shop At Crowle, Crowle, Worcestershire.
  • “So pleased with my garden office, value for money and a great place to work” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr P – Christchurch, Dorset – 3.8m x 2.4m x 2.5m High, Cedar Garden Room with Black uPVC Windows and Doors and Black Composite Decking
  • “Very pleased with our new garden office” Verified Review By Houzz

    Mr & Mrs F – North Baddesley, Hampshire 3.8m x 4.3m x 2.5m High, Cedar Clad Curved Roof Garden Office with Anthracite uPVC Windows and Doors
    North Baddersley, Hampshire
  • “James and Garden Retreat provided a fantastic service from start to finish. They recently built and installed a beautiful bespoke garden office / living space in our back garden. We are delighted with it! The customer service was also truly bespoke. James came to visit us several times throughout the process and was very responsive via telephone and e-mail at any time. He provided really practical, common sense advice and we never felt we were being sold anything at all. The building is beautiful – the bespoke design means it fits perfectly in our space and feels like it has been there for years! The cedar cladding and grey uPVC windows / doors really add a touch of class. Internally the vinyl flooring provided a very nice finish. Importantly also, James and the team that installed the building were respectful, friendly and genuinely nice people. We can highly recommend James and Garden Retreat for customer service and high quality craftsmanship” Verified Review By Houzz


    Mrs & Mrs C – Bournemouth, Dorset 6.2m x 3.6m x 2.5m High, Cedar Clad Garden Office with Anthracite Grey uPVC Windows and Doors
    Bournemouth, Dorset