The Winchester Work Rooms & Hobby Rooms
  • Pitched / Mono Roof Garden Buildings – Inc. Delivery, Installation & VAT
  • Can be insulated & boarded by Customer
  • We have fully trained staff to install your garden building
  • Large range of doors and windows in double glazed and colours
  • 75mm Redwood framing
  • 15mm Ply wood onto 75mm framing floor
  • Choice of cladding including cedar and feather edge
  • Selection of roof coverings and comes with guttering & down pipes
  • 2.5m height available – (subject to local council requirements)

The Winchester Work Room and Hobby Room range is based on a sectional design. They range from 3.05m to 4.9m wide and 4.9m to 7.0m deep. The sectional design allows you to position doors and windows were required and are specified at the point of order.

The Winchester Work Room and Hobby Room range comes with a large choice of doors and windows in either timber or uPVC. Please see ‘Additional Options’ tab below.

The Winchester Work Room and Hobby Room comes with a pitched roof and comes with a heavy-duty green felt roof. The ridge height is circa 2.8m to 3.5m (depending on size with a 20-degree room) but can be reduced to 2.5m to the ridge to satisfy planning rules. We can also provide this building with a Mono roof if required, please do not hesitate to discuss with our staff if required.

If the standard sizes are not suitable, we can manufacture the Work Room and Hobby Room to suit the size you require. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Work Room and Hobby Room is constructed using 1 1/2″ x 3″ (38mm x 75mm) selected framing. The framework is built and clad with 16mm nominal x 125mm tanalised shiplap cladding on the exterior, providing you with a 25-year rot resistant finish.

The floor has a 15mm plywood finish and sits onto 1 1/2″ x 3″ (38mm x 75mm) tanalised floor joists. As an additional option the floor can be insulated with 75mm Celotex underneath the plywood.

The standard roofing is a heavy duty 38kg Green Mineral Felt onto 12mm moisture resistant O.S.B. Boarding. The boarding is fitted onto 50mm x 125mm joists (purlins), spaced at 2′ centres. We can provide alternative roof coverings (please see options below). Should you require Onduline roof sheets – please note, we recommend sterling board underneath, because without the boarding it is liable to condensate during the winter.

Should you wish to upgrade the roofing for cosmetic reasons or to increase the time between maintenance, we offer the following options.

Coloured Polyester Felt – This is available in the same colours as our Felt Tiles (Brown & Grey) and has a life expectancy of about 15 years. Please note this is only available on buildings up to 7m in length.

Metal Profile Roofing. – This has a metal profile roof in black or anthracite grey and comes with a water proof under felt.

Black Onduline Roofing. – This has a corrugated profile and is compressed felt & bitumen, giving a life expectancy of 15 years. The standard colour is black, although other colours are available. Onduline has the benefit of offering a clear roof sheet to allow light, however we recommend sterling board is fitted on the roof before the Onduline to prevent condensation.

Felt Tile Roof. – These are sheets of felt that have a profile of 4 individual tiles within the sheet. They overlap each other and are staggered to provide a tiled effect roof. In addition to the tiles, underlay felt is laid over the boarding beforehand to provide a secondary skin. Angled tin and additional felt strips are fitted to the gables to prevent water ingress, thus providing a life expectancy of over 15 years.

Cedar tiles – These make a beautiful addition to any of our buildings, long lasting and they are set out on battening with under felt

Tapco Slate tiles. – These tiles have a life expectancy of 50 years and look fantastic as a lightweight replacement slate tile, follow the link to find out more about ‘Tapco Slate’

Tiled Roof Option. – Should you require a tiled roof for planning reasons, we would be able to provide and fit the roof trusses (at 600mm centres) with a 30 degree pitch. We clad the gable ends for you, and fit the trusses in place, however a local tiler will need to batten & tile the roof, plus fit the soffits & guttering.

For further details & prices, please contact us

Not only do overhangs improve the appearance of the Work & Hobby Rooms, they are important as they offer protection to the sides of the buildings. We include guttering as standard in either brown or black to allow rainwater to be easily collected and re-used, along with the obvious protective benefits.

Electrics can be provided by Garden Retreat, if you require a quote please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • External Clad –  16mm Nom x 125mm tanalised shiplap cladding requiring no maintenance for 25 years.
  • 3 Layer triple lined external wall – Shiplap cladding plus vapour barrier, splash back DPM skirt, 4mm plywood lining all double nailed onto 100mm x 38mm timber framing.
  • Vapour Barrier – The built-in vapour barrier is an essential element of the structure to keep the damp out of the building.
  • 75mm x 38mm Framing – Scandinavian Redwood, slow grown which provides a closer grain to provide structural strength and rigidity.
  • Pitched Roof at 20 Degrees – The pitched roof offers more headroom with the vaulted ceiling design.
  • Vents in gable End – Ventilation is essential to enable the garage structure to breath naturally.
  • Full Range of Doors & Windows – Timber & uPVC in a range of colours.
  • Standard Roofing – for heavy duty use, 125mm timber purlins with 12mm OSB3 boarding followed by heavy duty 38kg green mineral felt roof.
  • Bolted Down – The garage is bolted through the bottom rail, passes through the hole in the semi engineering brick into the concrete.  This is repeated a number of times around the bottom rail to ensure the structure is secure and rigid.
  • FSC Sustainable timber – All timber is from Scandinavian certified and sustainable forests.
  • Standard Overhangs – 300mm to the front and sides, 150mm to the rear when the doors are in the gable ends. 300mm to the front and back, 150mm to the gable ends when the garage doors are under the eaves.  The guttering would be in addition to this.  Overhangs can be adjusted if required, for example space restrictions.
  • Ground Work – There are a range of options, Concrete base or existing hard standing.  For more information please click here or contact us for advice.
  • 2.5m High Garages – the garages are designed to be over 2.5m high, if the building needs to be 2.5m to the ridge height the sections are smaller, and the pitch of the roof is more shallow. Buildings with trusses bigger than 4.2m will require structural partitions to support the centre trusses.
Increase in height of building from 2.5m to 3.0m NO YES
Cedar Cladding NO YES
Feather edge Cladding NO YES
Front timber decking NO YES
Grey composite decking NO YES
Black or brown guttering / down pipes YES NO
Slate grey felt tiles with underfelt NO YES
Red / Brown felt tiles with underfelt NO YES
Cedar shingles with underfelt NO YES
Tapco slate with underfelt NO YES
Internal partitions NO YES
Internal Doors NO YES
15mm Standard ply floor YES NO
Laminate flooring – Harbour Oak NO YES
Laminate flooring – Harbour Oak Grey NO YES
Laminate flooring – White Washed Oak NO YES
Laminate flooring – Rift Oak NO YES
Aluminium Bi-Folds NO YES
uPVC external Colours Free of charge – White inside as standard YES NO
Door furniture, black, white, brass or chrome – Free or charge YES NO
Additional cottage style uPCV 900mm x 1015mm casement windows NO YES
Additional 600mm uPVC wide side screen NO YES
Additional 1200mm uPVC wide side screen NO YES
Additional 610mm x 915mm uPVC casement windows NO YES
Additional 900mm x 400mm uPVC high level opening vent window NO YES
Additional 900mm x 900mm uPVC top opening picture window NO YES
Additional Double uPVC casement window NO YES
Additional uPVC Solid personnel door or half glazed door NO YES
Triple glazed up-grade NO YES
External porch lights NO YES
LED light panels, spotlights can be swapped for a No of light panels NO YES
Additional light panels NO YES
Additional Sockets – 3 doubles supplied as standard NO YES
Up-Grade sockets to USB version NO YES

Garden Retreat can provide either Hire Purchase or Finance lease options and there is also a large amount of other funding resources available.

If you require planning information we are happy to advise and support, please click here for further information.

All prices include installation, VAT, the only additional cost would be delivery which is listed in the table below.

For further information please either complete the contact form below or call one of our team.

3.05m Wide x 4.9m Deep £6,060.00
3.05m Wide x 5.5m Deep £6,280.00
3.05m Wide x 6.1m Deep £6,500.00
3.05m Wide x 6.5m Deep £6,720.00
3.05m Wide x 7.0m Deep £6,940.00
3.65m Wide x 4.9m Deep £6,280.00
3.65m Wide x 5.5m Deep £6,500.00
3.65m Wide x 6.1m Deep £6,720.00
3.65m Wide x 6.5m Deep £6,940.00
3.65m Wide x 7.0m Deep £7,160.00
4.25m Wide x 4.9m Deep £6,500.00
4.25m Wide x 5.5m Deep £6,720.00
4.25m Wide x 6.1m Deep £6,940.00
4.25m Wide x 6.5m Deep £7,160.00
4.25m Wide x 7.0m Deep £7,380.00
4.9m Wide x 4.9m Deep £6,720.00
4.9m Wide x 5.5m Deep £6,940.00
4.9m Wide x 6.1m Deep £7,160.00
4.9m Wide x 6.5m Deep £7,380.00
4.9m Wide x 7.0m Deep £7,600.00

All our buildings included delivery and installation although please contact us for delivery prices if you are located in Cornwall or Scotland.

All our buildings are installed buy our fully trained crews who have many years of experience.

Our installation crews will require clear access free from obstacles, trees, vegetation, overhead cables from the delivery vehicle to the site where the building will be erected.

They will also require 400mm clearance around the building to allow your building to be erected safely with clearance suitable for ladders and steps. If there is less than 400mm please contact us to discuss the options.

Sections can be as large as 3.0m x 2.4m hence we will need to know of any obstacles, bends or height restrictions before manufacture takes place.

Delivery & installation takes place on the same day via a 7.5 tonnes lorry – 28 feet long x 8ft wide.

A majority of buildings are installed within a single day, however larger garden offices, triple garages and commercial units will require more days on site. We will indicate the estimated assembly time at the time of order.

We will require a postcode for the site address and sufficient parking on the day of delivery to allow the installation crew to park as close to the site as possible.

Should your site be further than 30m from the parking location, please contact us prior to manufacture to ensure that we can deliver and install safely.

Please note that on some occasions we can take sections of buildings through the house but there is a surcharge to do so as the sections need to be made smaller and we require more staff on site to carry the sections through the house.

If you have any questions or queries concerning delivery and installation please do not hesitate to contact us.